Snakeskin Fabric on Sale


Discount snakeskin fabric.Animal prints have been very hot the past few seasons. It can be found on any fabric items; in furniture, art, and of course, clothing. For some, the use of animal prints is miniscule. They wear a zebra print scarf or have a cheetah patterned handbag. Others like the prints as a larger part of their outfit. They will wear a leopard blouse or tiger leggings. No matter what your style or your preference for how you add the animal trend to your wardrobe, it is still a hot fashion style that is continuing this season.Snakeskin fabric on sale.

While all animal prints are trendy, a popular one is snakeskin fabric. Snakeskin is a broad print category that includes a versatile amount of reptile prints as well. Some of these are alligator skin, crocodile skin, and different kinds of snakeskins. Each of these types of reptilians’ skins can typically be found in a rainbow of colors and shades.

Sale snake skin fabric.A fun and crafty way to give yourself an animal print item that is unique and original is to go out and buy your own snakeskin fabric. A lot of times, buying the fabric –especially when it is on sale –and making a product yourself will save you money than if you went out and bought a premade item. And this way, you have a piece that can’t be bought; no one else will have the exact same piece as you.Crocodile snakeskin fabric sale.

Making something out of snakeskin fabric on sale can be as simple as a wraparound bracelet with brass clasps or it can be as ambitious as a purse. The fun part comes in being able to design it exactly how you want it to be. And if making your own animal print items sounds like a great idea but you need a little inspiration or more guidance, there are sites out there that can give you a how-to or just pictures to help get you started on your very own creation. The end result will be unique, trendy, and save you money.

Vinyl Fabric for Winter


Vinyl fabric for winter.Summer break seems to buzz right by. The start of classes makes fall go by quickly, too. Before you know it, it is winter and time to pull out gloves, hats, scarves, and earmuffs. The warmer sweaters get moved from the back of the closet to the front. Sandals are hidden away and replaced for fur lined boots. A sweatshirt no longer is enough to keep you from getting cold when going outside. It is time to dig out the winter jacket.

A winter jacket can be a timeless piece that you can wear for a few years. There are timeless styles like the trench coat and the parka that will always be around. But besides looking at the style of a coat, you also want something that will keep you warm against the snow and the wind. A coat has to be stylish while being functional.

This winter, both matte and glossy vinyl fabric is trending. Vinyl has been popping up in other various articles of clothing such as skirts and pants. Now it is making its way in to the winter jacket section. There are several different styles of vinyl jackets that can suit your personal preferences for jackets.

Black vinyl fabric for jackets.The first is very similar to a trench coat. This variation of the trench coat has a high collar –a major plus if you forget your scarf. Faux leather gives the coat the appearance of being made from leather.

The second is cut like a parka. The puffy sleeves and body will keep you insulated from the cold. The hood is also great for when it’s a snowy winter night.

A third way vinyl is fashionably shaped is into a simple bomber style jacket. This jacket looks the most like real leather.

Faux leather fabric.Besides looking like leather, the main reason for using the vinyl fabric here is to decrease the cost of the jacket for the consumer. Your coat will look like you paid at least a hundred for it without you actually spending that much.

These jackets are just one way that we will see vinyl fabric this winter.

Fabrics for Fall


Fall means crunching leaves, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. And with the changing of the seasons comes the changing of wardrobe items. Not only do cooler clothes get swapped around for warmer ones, but the styles and fabrics change as well. The season brings some particularly noteworthy fabrics for fall that you will want to incorporate in to your autumn attire to stay on trend.

The style for fall is very clean cut edges. But you can still bring a lot of fun to your clothes’ fabrics through the fall color trends. With names like Rhapsody, Ultramarine Green, and Bright Chartreuse, you know you’ll be rocking these colors as accents or the main piece of your outfit. Some of the colors are still hot from last fall while others are a different shade of the same colors. Either way, these ten colors were predicted to be hot shades this year.

Besides having colorful fall fabrics, there are a few different types of fabrics that are essential to have in your arsenal of clothing for fall such as patent vinyl and faux leather. There’s a little of the old mixed in with the new so you do not necessarily have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe but can add little pieces to create entirely new outfits.

Some looks to keep:

  • Keep your tangerine colored fabrics. The color, Tangerine Tango, is still going to be hot this fall no matter how you wear it. Use it in a warm infinity scarf or in a sheer blouse.
  • Hold on to your military style clothing; it is going to continue to trend this year. The olive green fabric is flattering on any skin tone.
  • The peplum look is going to continue on this season. The printed fabric in one of the hot colors for fall, such as Rhapsody, will further enhance the look.
  • Leather fabrics are another look to keep in your wardrobe attire. The leather can be incorporated subtly with a belt or purse or it can be the main piece in your outfit with a dress or pants.

New Fall 2012 Looks You will want to get:
To freshen up your clothing options and add a little flare, look for gold fabrics. The shimmer and shine of gold is going to catch everyone’s eye and make your outfit look very rich.
Knit fabrics will always be in but the style of knits can change a little with the new seasonal year. This Fall, add a little fun and humor to your attire with witty knits. This can mean something as simple as having a cute animal or cartoon on the front of your sweater.
Another look is known as Eastern Influence. The style incorporates printed fabrics that have an Eastern feel to them. The look of the fabric gives an exotic feel to your clothing.
‘Shakespeare in Love’ is a fourth trend to follow this autumn. The look brings lightness to your usually heavy fall attire with airy, flowing fabrics and almost spring like patterns.
Between the old and the new trends, you can mix and match your outfits to create new outfits.